Tomoki Ogawa

Tomoki Ogawa (小川朋樹 Ogawa Tomoki) is another friend and classmate of Sawa and Ran's. A former member in the soccer club along with Taguchi, he is easygoing and helps his friends with any small tasks they may have. His family owns a beauty parlor, and as such his hair is always well done. He has wanted to be a beautician since a young age due to the attention he received from the female visitors. After Sugishita comes he realizes his dream is to work in the entertainment industry styling hair, and plans to study abroad after graduation. This causes some turmoil between him and Kido, but they work it out and agree to remain friends. In the comic, he is voiced by Taketoshi Kawano. It is hinted that in the future he will marry Sawa's sister Sachi when she is 18 and he is 31.