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Sawa Konishi

Sawa Konishi (小西纱和 Konishi Sawa) is warm-hearted, friendly but hot-headed 15-year-old girl who transfers to Amabane High School because she thought the school's uniform was cute, unaware that the school was previously exclusive to boys. Sawa later meets Ran Matsuyuki, whom she thought was kind, but reconsiders this after seeing him cause trouble during class. However, as she gets to know him, they become close, eventually falling in love with each other and becoming a couple. Halfway through, she and Ran decide to break up because Ran says he doesn't want to act spoiled because she is so gentle. After their breakup, she briefly dates Sugishita but still loves Ran. At the end of the series, they get back together and promise to work through their problems together. Years later, she and Ran marry and have a son named Aoi. In the comic, she is voiced by Noriko Shitaya.