Satoshi Kido

Satoshi Kido (城户智史 Kido Satoshi) is a classmate of Sawa and a friend of Ran. He is carefree and childish. In middle school, he was to be part of the basketball club with Tsubaki and Ran. In the beginning, he joins in the bullying of Sawa. However, when she is assaulted by a teacher he, along with Ogawa, defend her. As the series progresses, he develops feelings for Sawa, initially unaware that she is dating Ran. When he learns of the relationship, he and his little sister Ayaka tries, unsuccessfully, to break them up. He has a strong dislike for Sugishita, saying that everyone started acting weird after he came. Though he is willing to put his feelings behind him and helps to keep Sugishita from getting expelled. In the comic, he is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara.