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Junichi Tsubaki

Junichi Tsubaki (椿純一 Tsubaki Junichi) is one of Sawa's classmates and Ran's best friend since childhood. He was in the basketball club with Ran and Kido until the third quarter of their second year of middle school. Tsubaki is considerate of every bodies felling and tries to help people solve their problems. He is especially protective and caring of Ran. He also has feelings for Ran and is called out on it by Akira, who seemed to have figured it out. Akira then confesses to Tsubaki, who understands her feelings, but doesn't want to get involved with anyone. He comes to develops a strong friendship with Akira. At the end of the series, he realizes he loves Akira after seeing how she reacted to Ran's insensitivity towards him and it becomes clear how much she cares. Years later they become engaged. In the comic, he is voiced by Kazuya Kobayashi.