Akira Nagashima

Akira Nagashima (永島晶 Nagashima Akira) is Sawa's first friend at Amabane who is always sharing gossip and stories from the pasts of other students based from her research. Quiet and cool, she desires to be a manga artist, and transferred to the school because she felt there would be a lot of "good material" there for her stories. When she was in middle school, she was constantly isolated and teased by her classmates, causing her to close her feelings to others. After Sawa and Ran start dating, Akira begins to feel distant towards Sawa, believing that she would be just like her classmates in middle school. However, Sawa is able to calm her fears and mend their friendship. Akira falls in love with Tsubaki after seeing his kindness, but he does not return her feelings until the end, Tsubaki kissed her on their graduation day, claiming that he was sorry for letting her wait for too long and that he likes her too. In the end, Akira and Tsubaki will marry thus their reception will bring all their friends together. In the comic, she is voiced by Mamiko Noto.